Google investors warn Saudi Arabia data project could be used by ‘top hitmen’

Google investors are poised to raise hackles over a controversial Saudi Arabia project at the search giant’s shareholder meeting, warning that the company risks serving up “sensitive data on a silver platter to Saudi’s top hitmen.” The investors’ c..

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Inside creepy AI that ‘brings dead back to life’ by animating old photos

Cherie Bergman’s eyes welled up as she met her father’s gaze for the first time since his tragic death eight years earlier. With one tap of her phone, the Florida mom was able to see him blink and smile from behind the screen as if he were alive jus..

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Three tech steps to take before you die to protect your digital legacy

I know — it’s a grim topic. But in today’s digital age, we have to plan for what happens to all our online accounts, data, notes, photos, videos, websites, playlists, blogs, and subscriptions once we’re gone. Speaking of subscriptions, more familie..

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NASA reveals the essential key to spotting extraterrestrial life

NASA’S James Webb Space Telescope will begin looking for methane in an attempt to detect life in deep space. Researchers have found that under certain conditions, methane could be a promising sign of life when found in a rocky exoplanet’s atmosphere..

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OnlyFans seeks IPO, but porn a turnoff for investors: report

OnlyFans is looking to partner up with a blank-check company, or SPAC, to lay the groundwork for an initial public offering — but there are no takers despite the porn platform strong finances, according to a report. Potential investors and SPAC part..

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Hackers steal $615M from Ronin in one of largest crypto heists on record

Blockchain project Ronin said Tuesday that hackers stole cryptocurrency worth almost $615 million from its systems, in what would be one of the largest cryptocurrency heists on record. The project said that unidentified hackers on March 23 stole som..

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Huge Web listing itemizing

Searching for an new Web listing itemizing ? With billions of internet sites on-line right now, there’s a wealth of knowledge on the Web. Engines like google make it simple to seek out this info. Artmotion is likely one of the finest serps on this twenty first period. You will discover any info utilizing this search engine.   You may Submit your website to go looking engine utilizing this search engine submission service. When you marvel promote your web site, all it’s important to do is submit your website to go looking engine utilizing Artmotion’s submission service.   Benefits of the search engine? Organizing Web serps assist set up the Web and particular person internet pages. Engines like google assist set up the huge quantity of knowledge that may typically be scattered in varied locations on the identical internet web page into an organized checklist that may be extra simply used.   Why Artmotion? ArtmotionBot is our internet spider’s robotic for the Artmotion internet search engine. They by no means let spider surf the Web uncontrolled to present us outcomes, and we want to specify the positioning you will go to. So it’s as much as your selections on what…

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Why millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released across US

The US could soon be swarming with genetically altered mosquitoes after the Environmental Protection Agency approved a plan to test the insects. It is hoped the new altered mosquitoes will ward off their natural, disease-causing counterparts. Biote..

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Never too late: NASA opening Moon sample collected nearly 50 years ago

NASA is in the process of opening a Moon sample that has been vacuumed-sealed for almost 50 years. The mysterious sample was collected during the US space agency’s last manned mission to the Moon in 1972. The sample from the Apollo 17 mission will ..

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SEC files plan to pay $40M to Tesla shareholders in wake of Elon Musk tweets

The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a plan to distribute more than $40 million to Tesla shareholders in what one source said was a win for Elon Musk, who had pressed the issue in federal court. The payout is part of the long-running sa..

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Russia has lost its power over NASA and in the space business: experts

Russia continues to degrade its role in the space industry, alienating itself from international customers it has long supplied space resources to because President Vladimir Putin refused to back down from the attack on Ukraine. Since Russia began i..

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Army develops high-tech solution to keep hands warm without gloves

There are pros and cons to finding the right pair of winter gloves. The challenge comes between sacrificing warm hands or dexterous fingers. For civilians, the choice between form and function might limit the ability to text with friends in freezing..

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