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Powerful ‘Amaterasu’ cosmic ray hits Earth

A potent cosmic ray named ‘Amaterasu’ has struck the Earth, marking one of the most forceful cosmic events observed, leaving scientists puzzled about its origin and nature. This highly energetic particle, christened after a Japanese deity, arrived from a region in space where little is known to exist, as per recent findings. Cosmic rays, comprising mainly protons or helium nuclei, incessantly traverse the vast expanse of the universe. Among them, a small subset, referred to as “ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays,” possess astonishing energy levels surpassing even the most intense phenomena known in the cosmos. These exoenergetic particles, with energies exceeding one exaelectronvolt (EeV), are approximately a million times more energetic than particles accelerated in man-made accelerators. On May 21, 2021, scientists detected one of these supercharged cosmic rays using the Telescope Array project, covering over 270 square miles in Utah with individual substations. This particle boasted an immense energy of 244 EeV, ranking as the most energetic cosmic ray detected since the 1991 discovery of the ‘Oh My God’ (OMG) particle, which soared at 320 EeV, traveling faster than 99.9% of the speed of light. A forthcoming study in the journal Science, authored by researchers from Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU), details…

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Big Internet directory listing

Looking for an new Internet directory listing ? With billions of websites online today, there is a wealth of information on the Internet. Search engines make it easy to find this information. Artmotion is one of the best search engines in this 21st era. You can find any information using this search engine.   You can Submit your site to search engine using this search engine submission service. If you wonder how to promote your website, all you have to do is submit your site to search engine using Artmotion’s submission service.   Advantages of the search engine? Organizing Internet search engines help organize the Internet and individual web pages. Search engines help organize the vast amount of information that can sometimes be scattered in various places on the same web page into an organized list that can be more easily used.   Why Artmotion? ArtmotionBot is our web spider’s robot for the Artmotion web search engine. They never let spider surf the Internet uncontrolled to give us results, and we prefer to specify the site you are going to visit. So it is up to your decisions on what exactly to index.   Artmotion’s search engine does not borrow…

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Source of traffics and views for articles | Guest post

Everyone needs to know about it! Are you looking for a platform to get traffic to your blog? Still, searching for a website where you can share your photography talent for free and get views? If you are a news lover then, you are at the right place to get the daily update about what is happening around the world? If you are a music and entertainment lover you can get all categories of entertainment and music for free. The features mentioned above are the least feature of the Artmotion magazine. Source of traffics and views for free articles Article submission is amongst the most successful off-page SEO methods. By submitting free articles, you may increase the number of visitors to your website. The main goal of submitting an article is to generate a large number of people to your website without using Google AdWords or paid advertisements. One of the main advantages of this website is that if you are a blogger and want to get organic traffics. You can get lots of views and have a chance to rank his/her website in a short time by free posting the articles. You can post free articles and share your…

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Authors sue OpenAI alleging firm misused their works to ‘prepare’ ChatGPT

Two U.S. authors sued OpenAI in San Francisco federal court on Wednesday, claiming in a proposed class action that the company misused their works to “train” its popular generative artificial-intelligence system ChatGPT. Massachusetts-based writers ..

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Twitter requiring users to log in to view tweets after Elon Musk cites ‘emergency measure’

Twitter will now require users to have an account on the social media platform to view tweets, a move that owner Elon Musk on Friday called a “temporary emergency measure.” Users who try to view content on the platform will be asked to sign up for a..

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Goldman Sachs reportedly looking to exit credit card deal with Apple

Goldman Sachs is considering exiting its partnership with Apple, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing sources familiar with the matter. The iPhone-maker and Goldman Sachs started rolling out a virtual credit card in 2019. The bank is in ..

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Ex-FTX lawyer Dan Friedberg was SBF’s ‘fixer,’ paid ‘hush money’ to whistleblowers: lawsuit

Former FTX “chief regulatory officer” Dan Friedberg allegedly helped to steal billions of dollars in customer funds at the cryptocurrency platform while serving as a personal “fixer” for disgraced founder Sam Bankman-Fried, according to a bombshell l..

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Google reportedly violates its own standards in third-party ad deals 80% of the time

Google violated its promised standards when placing video ads on other websites about 80% of the time — a dismal rate that raises questions about the search giant’s transparency’s online ad business, according to an explosive report. The new researc..

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Your waiter is creeping on your Instagram: Top restaurants trawl social media to please guests

When he heard a table of tourists at Eleven Madison Park longing for a New York hot dog to complete their trip to the city, then co-owner Will Guidara rushed into action. So, in the middle of a lunch rush at the three Michelin-star restaurant in Fla..

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My boyfriend made an AI clone of me — so other men can enjoy my company

The clone is artificial, but the connection is real. OnlyFans model Katiana Kay is giving her devout followers the “intimate” experience of their dreams — with AI. The adult content creator, 20, recently developed a digital clone of herself, dubbed..

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Everything you need to know about OceanGate and what’s next for the company: ‘Great risk’

OceanGate Expeditions is the owner and operator behind the Titan submersible, which had five people on board when it experienced what the Coast Guard called a “catastrophic implosion” amid its journey to the Titanic shipwreck. The privately-owned US..

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‘Destroyed the company’: Software giant Anaplan begins layoffs after Thoma Bravo’s $10.4B buyout deal

Mass layoffs are underway at business software giant Anaplan, The Post has learned – with some impacted workers grumbling that buyout firm Thoma Bravo has “destroyed the company” since taking it private in a $10.4 billion deal last year. The total n..

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