ETPanache Travel Editor’s note: Travel Postcard to Corona

Happy Gudi Padwa, Ugadi (April 2) and Vaisakhi (April 14) to you. This traditional New Year ushers a significant joyous phase in India where we must not let fear hold us back.

Instead, smartly and enthusiastically plan a family holiday to a domestic getaway or abroad to celebrate special occasions.

Shopping For Happiness?
As per Deloitte Consumer Tracker survey in 2022: Indian respondents are actively exploring leisure travel. The stastics point that 84 percent plan to spend on leisure travel in the next few weeks. And 69 percent Indian respondents feel safe about flying while 71 percent feel safe staying in a hotel.

With commercial aviation taking off in full throttle, make the most of holiday discounts and early-bird bookings this season. Get the grassroot economy rolling -Open your hearts and wallets too. Beat the summer heat with exceptional beach holidays and head to cooler climes. Sounds refreshing, isn't it!

Sustainability Matters
If Climate Change, Fast Fashion and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) concern you then you are not alone. There is global traction toward conserving biodiversity and preserving nature. This time around, when you travel – consciously select carbonoffsetting holiday experiences and contribute as much to local set-ups to boost the circular economy (within reason). Of course, spread the cheer and the message to conserve nature.

Shopping For HappinessHit the outdoors and breathe easy- It's time to regain our lives. On a lighter note, go ahead and post a travel postcard to Corona. Bid goodbye to gloomy pandemic pangs and welcome josh and festivity. Ready, already?

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