Former classmates say socialite accused in fatal shoving of NYC voice coach is ‘pure trouble’

Lauren Pazienza, the 26-year-old woman accused of shoving an elderly former vocal coach to her death, has been described by her former college classmates as “pure trouble” and having “no empathy.”

The fiery socialite and scion of a cesspool dynasty has been charged with manslaughter and assault charges in the March 10 death of Barbara Maier Guster, 87, a beloved former Broadway voice coach whom she called a “bitch.”

Her A-list attorney, Arthur Aidala, claimed to the judge that “pushing someone who’s on the sidewalk” isn’t the same as “pushing someone in front of a cliff” or “pushing someone in front of a moving train” — as he accused Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office of “overcharging” his client.

But Pazienza’s former classmates have now come out and painted a damning picture of the Long Island native, who is a former events coordinator for a high-end French furniture company.

One classmate described Pazienza as “pure trouble.”
Pazienza's booking photo.
Pazienza’s booking photo.

“What angered me most was seeing that her lawyer said she’s overcharged and is a good and moral person. She’s not,” one ex-classmate told the Daily Mail. “I knew her very well at school and she was pure trouble.”

The former friend added to the outlet: “She’s the poster child for white privilege. She never faced any consequences in her life. She was enabled by her parents who got her out of everything, but she called them stupid and basic.”

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The news outlet spoke to two former classmates on the condition of anonymity.

A photo from Pazienza's undated Tumblr account give a glimpse of her opulent lifestyle.
A photo from Pazienza’s undated Tumblr account give a glimpse of her opulent lifestyle.
Pazienza being walked into Central Booking.
Pazienza being walked into Central Booking.
Steven Hirsch

Pazienza fled to her parent’s home after the random attack and took “every effort to avoid apprehension” — including deleting her wedding website and taking down all her social media, the prosecutor said.

When detectives showed up at the home on Monday, her dad claimed his daughter wasn’t there, prosecutors allege.

Her attorney then contacted police and Pazienza turned herself in on Tuesday.

"She's the poster child for white privilege," said one classmate.
“She’s the poster child for white privilege,” said one classmate.
Pazienza with her fiancé.
Pazienza with her fiancé.

Pazienza’s former classmate told the Daily Mail that the suspect “has no empathy” and was prone to speaking to people in a derogatory manner – including “fat people and deaf people.”

The outlet obtained video that the source alleges shows Pazienza “mocking deaf people.”

In the clip, she is seen contorting her face and speaking in a distorted voice that the person said was her way of making fun of the hearing impaired.

Barbara Maier Gustern was 87 when she died on March 10.
Barbara Maier Gustern was 87 when she died on March 10.
Tamara Beckwith/NY Post

“She’s not a good person. She has a fiancé, and she went to high school, and she went to college but none of these parts of her life were normal,” the former classmate said.

Another source also told the Daily Mail that Pazienza was “manipulative” with her fiancé, Naveen Pereira.

“He was reserved and very kind and seemed annoyed with her when I met him and fearful of her,” the person said. “She was a very manipulative person.”

Pazienza's parents arrive at criminal court.
Pazienza’s parents arrive at criminal court.

The ex-classmate added: “I witnessed her behave recklessly. She would throw herself in front of cars in the street. She was a complete wild card.

A former classmate told Fox News earlier this week that Pazienza bullied him after he moved a few doors down from her in the second grade — and it got so bad that a teacher had to separate their seats in the classroom.

The Post attempted to visit Pazienza at the lockup on Wednesday, but she refused to speak, looking drawn in a gray jumpsuit, her long red hair slightly disheveled.

Pazienza is due to appear in court Friday.

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