Govinda’s wife causes stir during temple visit

It looks like Govinda's wife Sunita Ahuja has landed in trouble over her recent visit to Ujjain's Mahakal temple. According to the reports, Sunita went to worship Lord Mahakal in the temple on May 15. However, she was spotted carrying a handbag to the temple's garbha-griha (sanctum sanctorum), which seems to have gone against the rules.
In the viral pictures, Sunita can be seen carrying a handbag inside the sanctum sanctorum. One of the major rule of the Mahakal temple prohibits devotees to carry a bag inside the temple.

It came as a surprise to many that Sunita was allowed to enter the temple despite a ban and nobody stopped her or noticed that she was breaking a major rule. Sunita was also seen posing with the temple's priest.
sunita ahuja
As this incident raised questions on the temple's security, the matter was escalated to the concerned authorities. The temple administrator Sandeep Soni said that the security team were busy at the gate when Sunita entered inside the temple. He mentioned that it was their responsibility to make sure no bags or purses were taken inside.
He added that action has been taken against the officials were at fault. He also said that further action will be taken against the concerned person after watching the CCTV footage.

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