I regret quitting my job for my kid!

Query: I quit my job to take care of my child but now I feel like everyone takes me for granted. My whole existence has become about caring for my child and my home. I miss my financial independence but I also know my child needs me too. I feel torn between my ambitions and my child. Please help
Response by Dr Sapna Bangar, Head – Mpower The Centre – Mumbai: The situation that you are facing is a common one where women feel that they have to choose between their child or their career. Women are all different and there is no right or wrong in this situation but we all feel differently about our careers. There are homemakers who are extremely satisfied to give up their careers but there are also some like you who feel that they are missing something from their life.Let's face it, a job or career is not only about money but giving us an identity and recognition. It is not easy as a career woman to let go and become a full-time homemaker or parent. Your child needs you but the most important thing is that you feel happy about parenthood and if you feel resentful towards your child even if it is unconsciously, you will not be able to enjoy parenthood for the joy that it brings. Quality time spent with the child is much more important than quantity. You don't have to choose between one or the other- you can have both! you could start with freelancing or part-time opportunities. The working flexibility is much more now than before and you could choose a job that fits around your and your child's needs and gradually increase the time spent at work. Be flexible about the opportunities and leave the guilt at home!
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