Judge says BCI setting LLB syllabus tragic, council hits back

KOCHI: A Kerala HC judge has said that the syllabus for the LLB course set by bar council members is the “biggest tragedy facing legal education in the country” since the domain knowledge of such persons is limited to litigation.
“Bar council members are dictating the syllabus. The minuscule number of people who get elected through an election decide about legal education. They are only litigation professionals. Their domain of knowledge is only litigation and then they dictate the syllabus. They don’t have any idea what is happening beyond litigation,” said Justice Muhamed Mustaque.
“Law colleges have no autonomy to decide their curriculum. If they don’t follow the curriculum dictated by the Bar Council, necessarily they will face some penal action and their course will not be recognised,” he added.
The bar council hit back at the judge saying that Mustaque should have done proper homework before choosing to make the comments. It added that he should have known that the elected representatives of Bar Councils have constituted a high-level committee to deal with matters relating to legal education. The Bar Council of India has a separate body for matters relating to the legal education of the country.
The Committee is headed by a former judge of the Supreme Court and it has two sitting chief justices of HCs as its Co-chairs. “Besides, there are two former chief justices of high courts and eleven renowned academicians, including Vice-Chancellors of National Law Universities, Deans of Central Universities and other Government and Private Law Universities as members apart from some noted Senior Advocates of the country. The policies and norms of legal education are decided by this high-level committee only. The judge should know that there are only 5 elected members of the Bar Council in its legal education Committee,” the BCI said. The BCI added, “Justice Mustaque appears to have been misled by some persons having vested interests or grudge against the bar councils.” agencies

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