Manoj slams Naseeruddin for his remark on TKS

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah recently shared his perspective on director Sudipto Sen's controversial film The Kerala Story. He said that the success of the film is a dangerous trend and compared it to Nazi Germany. BJP leader, singer and actor Manoj Tiwari has now slammed Naseeruddin for his remark on the Adah Sharma starrer.
When Manoj was asked about his reaction to Naseeruddin's comments on The Kerala Story, he told a news portal that he has to say this with a heavy heart that Naseeruddin is a good actor but his intent is not right.
He questioned why Naseeruddin didn't raise his voice when earlier films showed how a stray guy used to harass women and pass inappropriate remarks about them. He argued that though the earlier films were fictional, he insisted that The Kerala Story and The Kashmir Files are based on facts.
Manoj said that Naseeruddin had nothing to say back then. He then went on to say that if Naseeruddin has a problem with the film, then he can go to court. He added that it is very easy to talk but the way Naseeruddin has identified himself is not good as an Indian citizen and as a human being.
A few days ago, Naseeruddin had said that worthwhile films like Bheed, Afwaah and Faraaz, all collapsed but people are flocking to see The Kerala Story. He mentioned that he has not seen the film and does not intends to see it either as he has read enough about it.
He then said that it is a dangerous trend and mentioned how in Hitler's time, the filmmakers were co-opted by the supreme leader to make films praising him and what he has done for the countrymen while running down the Jewish community.

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