Meet Dinesh Shahra, the corporate honcho who is working to conserve the ecology

Right since its inception, over 15 years ago, the Dinesh Shahra Foundation (DSF) celebrates February 22 as the 'Green Gold Day' annually. The DSF is founded by Dinesh Shahra and his entire team gladly plants thousands of saplings across the country and spreads the message of tree conservation and ecological conservation.

Protecting nature and promoting greenery has always been an integral part of the values of Dinesh Shahra Foundation. The DSF works as the perfect platform to uphold these values. The DSF is an organization based on the principles of inclusiveness, and well-being of humanity and the planet. These are the core values of the Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

Inculcating the tenets of Vedic culture into the corporate culture, Shahra has made a lasting impression in the Indian agriculture sector. Continuing to guide volunteers through DSF, Shahra also engages in various charitable activities and social causes to build a better future. Following the philosophy ‘To Live is to Give’ from the Vedic Culture, Shahra’s strong belief and passion for sustainability is largely evident in his projects including 'Go Shakti' and 'Green Gold Day'. Dinesh Shahra along with National Projects, Times Group is all set to release a special book that talks about achieving inner happiness.

Sanatan Utsav is the joyous Sanatan celebration that focuses on positivity and cheerfulness. Another key project titled – ‘Sanatan Leela Music’, which is in the pipeline talks about the universal language of music and its positive and joyful effects on human body and mind. Along with the highly anticipated book title, Shahra will also be releasing instrumental tunes of Sanatan Leela digital music. It includes many singers, artistes, and prominent personalities as part of the initiative.

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