Mind-blowing internet ‘time machine’ reveals how awful Facebook, Google and more used to look

Internet users are taking a trip down memory lane seeing what their favorite websites looked like years ago.

The Wayback Machine allows people to step back as far as the ’90s, glimpsing at the basic and awful designs once graced by the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon and so many more.

With 654 billion pages saved, nostalgic users can enter the name of just about any web address and see whether it’s available.

A calendar view will allow you to virtually turn back time, clicking through some the early days of some sites.

Here are some of the best to look at:


Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t first to own the address.

Web Search Engine

A company in the US owned it before.

It was only when the social network rebranded from TheFacebook to simply Facebook, that they reached a deal to buy the web address we know today.

Anyone who was a teen around 2007 will remember this basic look.


A look at Google from 1999.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

Google’s main search engine hasn’t changed a great deal from its early days.

Of course, the logo has been revamped several times since being founded in 1998.

And it is so much more than a search engine now.

Most people don’t even bother visiting the main or address now, they just perform searches at the top of their web browser.


Amazon from 2006
A look at Amazon from 2006.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

Amazon looks completely different in the early noughties.

We’re sure the prices were a lot different then compared to now as well…


YouTube from 2006
A look at YouTube from 2006.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

The world’s most popular video-sharing website was founded in 2005.

Realizing its potential, Google snapped it up a year later.


Twitter from 2008
A look at Twitter from 2008.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

Twitter looked a lot more basic in the noughties too.

It was created in 2006 and didn’t have anywhere near as many features as it does today.

Not least of all, tweets were limited to 140 characters until 2017.


Apple from 2000
A look at Apple from 2000.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

Before the iPhone even existed, this is what you would have found on in 2000.

Oddly, the tech giant has stuck with the top menu bar look, though it has evolved drastically.


Netflix from 2008
A look at Netflix from 2008.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

Before Netflix even existed in the UK, and before streaming was a thing, Netflix did postal movie and TV rentals.

It still provides this service in the US, but for the most part, the firm is known the world over for being a streaming platform today.


eBay from 1999
A look at eBay from 1999.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

eBay made waves when it launched in the 90s, allowing people to buy and sell their old stuff.

The site was a lot more simple back then.


Hotmail from 1999
A look at Hotmail from 1999.
Courtesy of The Wayback Machine

Hotmail is still going strong today but didn’t have a great deal to it in the early days.

Though it’s still owned by Microsoft, Hotmail came under the MSN banner back then.

In other news, the naughtiest emoji combinations have been revealed.

Tinder has revived the classic ‘blind date’ experience with a virtual twist.

And TikTok has announced new rules, banning users who deadname or misgender others.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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