New World Order after the defeat of the West

New Concept of Russia's Foreign Policy

Russia, through its new “Foreign Policy Concept” for 2023, is drawing the “map” of a world where a competitive but peaceful coexistence with the West will prevail. The text includes the priorities and goals of Russia’s foreign policy activities and forms a blueprint for a new world order thru BRICS+

The main vehicle for the development of the project is the BRICS Plus group of states, which is expected to claim its emancipation from the economic and military dominance of the West. BRICS Plus includes the original BRICS member countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, as well as other states that are already members or in the process of joining. By implementing the plan, Russia seeks to create a multipolar world where a balanced distribution of power and the promotion of mutual

Also, Russia will seek to strengthen its cooperation with the countries of Eurasia, with the aim of creating an economic zone from Berlin to Vladivostok, which will include all countries located on the Asian continent and have an efficient energy system , transportation and communication.

Russia will also continue to strengthen its strategic relations with China, India and Iran. This strategic choice is based on Russia’s perception of the threat it faces from the powerful economy of the West, as well as the inclusion of these countries in the Asian economic zone.

Finally, Russia will seek to strengthen its relations with the countries of Latin America, mainly through the development of its relations with Cuba and Venezuela.

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