Raghav: Got a nose job before engagement to Pari

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha have been on cloud nine ever since they got engaged on May 13 in a private ceremony attended by family members and political leaders at the Kapurthala House in New Delhi. The couple and their family members have been sharing some unseen glimpses from their engagement ceremony. Amid this, an inside video made the rounds on social media where Raghav was heard talking about going under the knife to fix his nose before his engagement to Parineeti.
In the now-deleted video shared by their engagement photographer on their official website, Raghav was seen interacting with one of Parineeti’s family members. Wearing a mischievous smile on his face, Raghav jokingly shared that his nose used to look more like his mother's. So he had done a nose job to make it look like his father's.
"The aunty is asking if the boy’s exterior changes. I got a little nose job done, aunty. Because my nose went on my mother…so I of course had to correct it and make it look like my father," Raghav said in the video.
While Raghav looked pretty amused about his revelation, Parineeti affectionately stopped him from talking and made him aware that the cameras were recording their conversation.
Soon, Raghav's confession about getting a nose job raised many eyebrows and social media started wondering if his confession was real or not. The video was then removed from the photographer's official website after it garnered unwanted reactions from social media users.

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