Randeep on dieting: Starving can be lethal

Stories about Randeep Hooda's drastic transformation for Swatantrya Veer Savarkar made headlines. It was said that the actor consumed a date and a glass of milk for 4 months to lose 26 kilos for his role as several of his scenes were shot in a prison. The actor who makes his directorial debut with the film however dismissed the reports as 'irresponsible communication'.
Speaking to ETimes, Randeep clarified that he ate a lot more than just a date and a glass of milk."My sister,Anjali Hooda Sangwan, has been involved in my transformation in almost all my films. She takes care to ensure my diet doesn't go below a certain level of nutrition but still this has been a tough journey. Very long and arduous. I once fainted and fell off my horse and have damaged my knee, probably forever. My whole idea of saying this is to clarify that I ate a lot more than just a date and a glass of milk during my weight loss journey, as was, irresponsibly communicated to the media. I would not advise anyone to go for this kind of extreme and prolonged weight loss without proper supervision. Starving can be lethal," he said.
Speaking about the film during the launch of the teaser, Randeep had said, "Savarkar led an incredible life, and as I learned more about him while researching for my film, I have come to admire him tremendously. So it gives me immense pleasure to share a sneak peek into our film on his 140th birthday."
The film also stars Ankita Lokhande and Amit Sial and is slated to release in cinemas this year.

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