Skyrocketing veggie, fruit prices hit common man hard

Surging prices of vegetables and fruits are hitting the common man badly, making them shell out more money and hurting the household budgets in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

In Noida, prices of vegetables and fruits are high in Safal stores too. Retail vendors claim that they are also getting the commodities at high price.

Potato is being sold at Rs 18-22 per kg, cauliflower Rs 98 per kg, Brinjal Rs 45 per kg, tomato Rs 54 per kg at safal store while retail vendors are selling it at potato Rs 25-30 per kg, cauliflower Rs 100 per kg, brinjal Rs 80 per kg, and tomoato Rs 50 per kg.

Vegetable sellers said that vegetables are grown in Sahibabad and supplied to Delhi and NCR. They are of the view that prices of vegetables and fruits are high because of supply crunch due to rainfall and high transportation cost. Due to incessant rainfall, vegetables in the agriculture field has rotten. Its shortage in the market has also led to increase in its prices.

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